Gerneral description of the milling process


The machine works best with branch free wood. The rollers sending the wood central through the knives head. Through the roating knives working round the log the wood is turned into a cylindrical finished product.


Width and angle of the roughing knives influence the wood diameter.

After this process the smooth knives will carry out the fine work. Due to the required straightness of the finished wood a direction ring can be fitted on the back of the knife blade. This  ensures the centric position of even very bent wood before the transport rollers transport it further.


Very conical wood should be inserted root end into the machine. This will ensure good transportation through the machine.


Wood with a high moisture content is much easier to mill than dry wood. The surface of the wood deteriotates when blunt knives are used and when the feed speed is too fast.


In order to guarantee a content transport of timber through the machine it is necessary to put one timber to the next without interruption.